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When you need help with insurance claims, we will walk you through the process.

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Roofing Insurance Assistance Information And Steps

Upon on our first visit we will provide you with the information regarding the insurance industry's standards so that you may make informed decisions. Our insurance expert will deliver this information for your benefit, and will not try to force any decisions or particular solution or path.

Filing Your Roofing Restoration Insurance Claim

When we do verify hail damage or other weather realted damage to the property we then advise you to call your insurance company to initiate a claim. This is not a process that we can legally start for you, although of course we would like to help with every step.

What will do, of course, is to provide you with the highly informative PIR or Property Inspection Report that you can forward to your insurance company. We will leave you a hard copy and we can also provide a digital version via email if you need. When filing a claim with your insurance company, be sure to remember the most important thing, to request that your insurance company grant permission for your contractor of choice to be present at the time of the insurance adjuster's inspection.

If it becomes necessary to cover up any large holes in the short term to prevent more damage, we will certainly accomodate this upon your request.

Meeting With Your Insurance Company Adjuster

After you file a claim with your insurance company for your roofing needs, an insurance adjuster is assigned to your claim. He/she will be scheduled to come out to verify and inspect the damages and to then create an estimate. In our experience this estimate will almost always miss some very important items like roof elements that definitely have to be completed when replacing a roof. But this is not a prolem because your insurance adjuster will mention that if anything was missed, we can notify the insurance company adjuster before starting the work to make corrections to the estimate. Our roofing specialist will meet with the adjuster as a courtesy of our services. Our policy is to let the adjuster do his/her job and not interfere unless a significant mistake about the claim is being made.

Once you are provided with an insurance claim number, you should notify our roofing specialist about the day and time when the insurance adjuster has been scheduled to visit and inspect the roof. This way we can also be there for you and help to pinpoint the little things here and there that insurance adjusters in a rush will very often miss.

In this process of doing the insurance adjustment, the so called "field adjuster" is not authorized to take into account certain items when creating an estimate. Those other items have to be be handled by the "desk adjuster" or on occasion a manager for approval before we begin any work on the restoration project. These are not always a large issue, however among those missed items are sometimes things that are required by the local city building codes and we cannot violate the building code when construction your roof. We always make sure that we adhere to the building codes. Doing so ensures that your roof is done right.

Our property assessment and inspection is always well documented with photographs and text and is supported by the IRC (International Residential Code) and the current adopted city codes. We understand the construction part of the roofing restoration project very well and we take it seriously when it comes to building your boof to code.